Is it ok for a woman to make the first move towards a man she finds attractive?

“by Qoshetishyah”

Many women have asked this question and are clueless to the response and during the search for the answer… the love of their life is being picked up by someone else!

There can be more than one answer to this question. One would have to decide based upon what defines them in life. Go with your gut instinct, it will tell you when the time is right.

In some instances, men, who have an interest in a woman, will reveal it. Women are usually more subtle which is okay. But if a man has expressed this interest and the woman shares the same interest, it is okay for her to make it known. The “cat and mouse” game can be a really big turn off to some.  This is the perfect reason why some men would prefer a woman to show and share her interest, it takes the “guess work” away.  Men find it difficult in these times, with so many differnt mindsets out there, to know what a woman is thinking.  It’s like a “box of chocolates”.  Just because he hasn’t noticed you yet, doesn’t mean that he is not interested!

Surprisingly enough, some men would prefer for a woman to approach them first. However; I would advise a peaceful approach when doing so, instead of going straight to the “personals”. An aggressive woman can be a turn off as well as misleading.  Besides, lusting after the man that you desire as your boyfriend or husband may catch him, but it definitely won’t keep him. The peaceful approach will allow you to avoid embarrassment and help determine if he is even interested.

For all of you who have never approached a man first in your life,  if you’re reading this article:  GET OVER IT!  This may be the reason why “dating” has become a career for you opposed to a short term gig. There will be times when your desire is to be approached and you won’t get approached! So what do you do? Continue to want? Nothing comes by way of wanting.  Action must be applied in order to manifest the desire as a reality. Put “fear” in the garbage receptacle and step out on a limb. What’s the worst thing that could happen? He could either respond positively or not. If he does respond positively, then at least you know that you have made a new friend, which could probably be for life and who knows, maybe more. If he’s rude, that’s good too, because his rudeness just saved you from what could have been a horrible relationship! The key is not to evade rejection! Face it head on and turn into something positive!

Once you’ve expressed yourself, sit back and watch what happens.   Times have most definately changed and if a man is worth his grain in salt, a simple “hello” from you would be all it takes to grasp his attention (if he wasn’t paying attention already!) and if he is interested, you will need not say anything else.


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on September 26, 2010.

One Response to “Is it ok for a woman to make the first move towards a man she finds attractive?”

  1. Great questions and answers for the ladies. You have us men pegged well.

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