I was a Christian

Humble Servant, Moreh and Student of YHWH

“By Rahmyah Ben Yisrael”

Today, I was reminded that some time ago I was a Christian. I was reminded because I continue to meet people who when finding that you don’t believe in Christianity any more, they become mean spirited. They say things like “get the behind me Satan”, “If you don’t believe in J-sus you are going to hell”, “If you don’t believe, then get away from me”. I just had a run end with a Brother who was supposed to be of Israel. He came against me because I did not believe in Yahshua/J-sus. I became the “N” word and other profanity. What I found sad was this brother is married with small children. He had no control of His foul mouth and cared not for others that knew it. I was reminded that I was once sort of that way. Maybe not that mean spirited and never using profanity which is a sign of a Social behavior, but I was strong in my convictions. It is said that the truth will set the few free, but it makes the majority angry. During this time, I could not be told that J-sus wasn’t the way. I would get mad at those who did not believe as I did. One day I was having a conversation with a young man who was trying to tell me things contrary to what I believe. He was trying to tell me that He believed that the Scripture was not speaking of J-sus in Isaiah. He told me that after all of His studies He believed that Isaiah, particularly chapter 53 was speaking of Israel and not j-sus. Boy did I get ever mad. We augured for sometime or should I say, I augured at him. I was on my stomp, promoting J-sus and no one could tell me any difference. Mind you, I did not curse him or anything near that. But, all that I had been told thru the years couldn’t be wrong. Just as my Sister always said, “J-sus carried us this far”. I must admit that I had not done much study personally before that time. I just relied on all that was told to me over the years, so it must have been right. My Mother and My Father told me.

Except for a few over looked discrepancy, the same theme was told over and over again, that J-sus was the way. I had no reason to question those details that seemed out of place. Of course, I was brought up during a time when you were to never question scripture. Also, fear was put into your heart whenever you seem to go against or have a lesser belief than those around you. You were scrutinized, put upon and blasted; they were even mean spirited against you. You see, I was raised in the church and my Father was a Preacher before He went home. They called it, putting you back in line. Though I was curious with some nagging questions, I stayed the course like. those nagging questions was “Why were there so many denominations? Why difference denomination Have difference belief as to who J-sus is (Divine, God, Simi Devine, Man, He came down, He was born, He was in the beginning, Son of God, Son of man)? Why is it that my family all go to difference church? I thought that a family that prayed together stayed together. But to this young man, it had to be in His heart that I was so stupid, so ignorant. I can now only imagine his frustration. Today, I even wonder sometimes how he must have seen me. I say that because this is how I feel in my heart today. It is something that is held in side of you never forgetting where you once were in a place in time. But truly in my heart, I would say: “how can they be so stupid? How can they be so ignorant? How can they not see what I see? Don’t they know that they are guilty of Idol worship? These feeling expand from those that you truly love to those that you don’t know. It is because you have begun to come into the light and see those that are still in darkness. It is a difference from being mean spirited. It is because you care and want so badly for those to know the truth that you have acquired that it sometimes hurts. Not saying that I know it all, but I could see how we have been misled, at least up past the point of Believing in a Savior other than the Mighty Yah.

After that long augment and the dust had settled with this young man, I went away wanting to know more because I admit, I did not know as much as I let on for him to believe. This is when I began to open the bible, but only for the purpose of getting back at him. I perceived that the next time we meet I would be ahead of the game. I was going to show him. I can tell you, we never had that second encounter. For you see, after I begin to study for myself and for the first time I found that my Christian belief had no foundation. I was left with no true footing to stand on, only a belief and Faith. I knew then that you just can’t believe and have faith on a belief that has the shaky foundation that I founded. I also knew that a belief has to be based on something solid in order to have true faith. What we did too often in Christianity, when things did not fit, or there were no answers is rely on the faith to kick in. So those things that went unanswered and those things that did not make since were skipped and maybe, just maybe revisited later.

It was then and a few other events along the way let me to I realized that Christianity is mostly of those who are led and who are persuaded to believe in a foundation that is not dependable. The teachers in Christianity are those who are taught by others with the same hand me down Christian concept. Now, most of the learned in Christianity are out to deceive with greed them they lead. They go to Christian schools for that purpose.

Today, I see a lot of Christian brothers and Sisters who has realize that they are Israel, yet they refuse to drop the Christian concept of worshipping a man. The only difference between them and Christians, are they give Him a Hebrew name( Yahshua/Yeshua/Yahoshua). Many of them are also bringing with them that same mean spirited mentality.

In the end, it is those who have the heart to learned Yah’s truth, who stay true to His Laws, Who do not disregard His Laws, who allow themselves to be guided by Yah’s sprit and not man’s, who hears Yah’s word and discerns truth, They are those who are standing and walking in Yah’s light.

If those of you who are not humble enough to receive Yah’s Sprit and allow it to work in you, you will not see it truly. If Yah is not ready for you to see the light, It won’t be seen.

Awake My Brother and Sisters. It is not too late.



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