Reflection In Prayer

“By Prince YAHchanan”

In Your Name/Character/BEING lead us Abba’AhaYaH. For fear & death shall not consume my mind, let it not be so for those that do turn to you.

Chanan w’Ore (Mercy & Light) are in Your Right Hand, the power of Yasha (Salvation) also. As ‘ONE’ …looks out toward the Shamayim (Heavens/Universe), Barchot (Blessings) are there, also within the Ruach ha’Adam (Spirit of Man). For the Kingdom of the Shamayim also dwell within us.

To know and to seek inwardly, not forgetting who You are, for You are ‘I AM’ (AhaYaH) , our All-Sufficient Power, and there is NONE other like You or beside You. For none exist with You in their own authority, but With-IN You in YOUR Authority. Wisdom dwells also with You, Innerstanding Your Ways, giving understanding to those that seek Your Visage (Face/Image/BEING).

Lift us up O’אהיה and gaurd us from ALL harm.

Illuminate the wholeness of Your Being toward us and purge us of the things that hinder our growth. Give to us a spirit of descipline, cause us to become clean in all that we say, do & think of. אהיה You have revealed Yourself to some, others have not known You, nor desire to, yet shame will come upon them by that which they do not perceive; does a man or woman physically acknowledge invisible emotions unless they are manifested outwardly with the physical body?

The world has come to darkness, so create us to be Lights, Relections & Reflectors of the TRUE Light. To RE-Present that which Was, Is and Will Always Be Present; YOU אהיה .

Cause the simple to leave the shackled mind-set of “religion” & “tradition”, & lead them to know the “RELATIONSHIP” “SET-APARTNESS” that will bring Infinate Life, Immortality to the Soul in its redeemed form.


Words alone will not prove, but the growing works, and evolving spirit of a man/woman is made known.

This is my meditation/focus.

Continually seeking and crying outward/Crying Inward, the Bond of Ruach ha’Quodash (The Set-Apart Spirit) Shekhinah (Visiable Manifestation of The Glory of Elohim) Wisdom.

From my Youth until now אהיה my El-Elyon (Almighty Power), You have lead me… Though I have strayed in my own errors, you have been merciful toward me. You have given me the assured mercies that you have shown Melekh Dauwd (King David).

Why would Goodness & Mercy be asked for, accept that if a man falls in his errors from time to time? None can measure Your Goodness my Father, for the Spirit of Your Word is living and active within Your Servant-Son.

My True desire is ‘ONENESS’, Your Love Father אהיה is my El (Strength,Power,Might), for You ARE Love.

The dew of Your blessings of the early morning rests upon the Locs of my head.

As my Ancestors sought and called out to You during the early hours of the morning, likewise do I, and I will teach my Young Ones the Goodness that You have shown me; for every generation before the former must become better.

The Righteous Generation will Rise. Amein (So Shall It Be)



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