A great Lesson on B’reshit 1:1-6:2 (Genesis) will be taught today!



It is my pleasure to announce that the Torah portion  “B’reshit” will be taught by M’sharait Ahriyah Ben Gad of Har-Tziyon!

Ahriyah has been in the Scriptures since he was 15 years old. I knew him as a teenagers, and I have watched him grow to surpass his teachers in every way.

M’sharait (Minister) Ahriyah is able to bring out aspects of Torah like no one (and I do not say this carelessly) I have ever seen do. 

He is the epitome of one who stays in Tanakh continually, and has been rewarded by YAH with a rare depth of insight into the “literal” as well as “allegorical” aspects of Torah. He is able to both teach, and prove “singular meanings” for what most men have continually made excuses for, as having “several meanings”. This “singularity” of knowledge is called “The Truth”.


This is the man I go to, when I cannot figure out a particular aspect of the Scriptures, and I am the man he comes to, when he has discovered another revelation in the Scriptures.

I teach the “wisdom” of the Scriptures, but I go to this man to get clear on matters of Law, History, and Prophecy! He keeps me from setting forth erroneous doctrines by the sheer precision of his counsel in Tanakh. He is also a friend that is as my own soul, my brother from another mother! He’s not a “Torah Talker”. He’s a doer of it,  and a Shepherd in Yisra’el.


While no man has all of the truth, it is a valuable resource to identify as many men of “The Truth” as possible, and to learn enough to be counted as one of them. Each of us that are well-studied usually have some precepts of YAH that the other of us needs to add to his own arsenal. We are keys to one another in YAH-Consciousness! Let’s open the doors of your understanding. We bear gifts from the word YAH!

This lesson will begin at NOON today.

Access may be gained by dialing 1-218-844-8060 and entering the access code: 227790

I am privileged be your reader for this teaching.

Nĕchemya 8:8 (Nehemiah)

So they read in the book in the law of Elohiym distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.


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