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Giving all praise to whom all praise is due, namely Yah of host, the creator of the heaven, earth and sea, and all that in them is. Halleluyah!!!!

Genesis is a very important book (As with all of the scriptures) for it tells us about that which took place yester year and what we experience today. However Genesis 4:1 like Genesis 1-2 are not listed in chronological order. Example. Gen 1 speaks about the creation of the heaven and the earth in the day that Yah created it. Yet Gen 2 speaks of the same,(many believe this to be proof that there were two creations) which is not so, for Gen 2 gives the actual details concerning the steps taken to bring about that which was spoken of in Gen 1. In short Gen 1 is the blue print, while Gen 2 (to say in other words) is the actual play by play.

Now, Gen 4 speaks of Adam (Ish) knowing his wife Eve (Chawah), however this did not take place as it is written or better put, in the sequence we read it in. In other words, it was not situated in the actual order in which it took place. I know this to be true by referring you to Gen 3:23-24 where it states that Yah sent “HIM” the man out of the Garden to till the ground from whence he was hewn and placed the Cherubim to keep way to the tree of life.( What is my point one may ask)?, well the point is this. If Adam was taken out of the garden to till the ground, then Gen 4 had to have happened earlier on because by the time you get to Gen 4 Adam had already been kicked out of the garden and didn’t have another son until well after some 130 years later when he had Seth Gen 5:3. Also note that nowhere is it mentioned that Yah put the man and the woman out of the garden. This image has been placed in many of our minds through our captors through Xianity which showed us images as children in Sunday school of so called Adam and Eve holding hands and walking out of the garden together, but the scripture does not paint the same mental image I’m afraid.

Why did it take so long for Adam to have Seth?
Because he was not there to lay with Chawah he was outside of the Garden while Eve (Chawah) was left in the garden to give birth and care for her soon to be children.

Regarding the statement by Eve (Chawah) concerning her having a man child of Yah, one need note that Adam was Not in the garden and had not been for quite some time, so in essence she had not seen a man since then, unless one is of the impression that there were other people on the planet besides Adam (Ish) & Eve (Chawah). Eve had not seen Adam or a man for some time, and when she finally gave birth she gave birth to a son and stated that she had gotten a man (namely a male child) of Yah and she called his name Cain. However, the original text does not read like that, but rather like this> Along with Hebraic meaning attached:

Gen 3:6 with my words in brackets. “And when the woman saw that the tree ( Lucifer ) was good for food, and that it was pleasant (seductive) to the eyes, and a tree was (something) to be desired to make one wise,(as the creator) she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat.”

Keywords for above verse: I think you will find that this is certainly no ordinary tree, for it wasn’t a tree at all because the tree is symbolic for for something else that being Satan. I implor you to bare in mind, Hebrew like any other language has a lot to do with context. Do bare this in mind as you understand the Hebraic words and definitions given here: *1 pleasant to the eyes = Hebrew word #2530; chamad: To desire, to covet, to take pleasure in , to delight in, to be desirable, to delight greatly, to desire greatly, desirableness, preciousness. *2 desired = Hebrew word # 8378 ta’abah (tah-ab-aw’) ; from 183 (abbreviated) ; to yearn for, to lust after ( used of bodily appetites ) a longing; by implication, a delight (subjectively, satisfaction, objectively, a charm): a desire, a wish, longings of one’s heart ; lust, an appetite, covetousness (in a bad sense) , to covet, to wait longinglyThere is no tree that has fruit that does any such thing, and to believe such is to be delusional. But Satan can fill your mind with evil ‘wisdom’ and evil thoughts! and to not know this it also self delusional *4 took = Hebrew word # 3947 laqach (law-kakh’); a primitive root; to take (in the widest variety of applications) : to take, to lay hold of, to receive, to marry , to take a wife, to take to or for a person, to procure, to get, to take possession of, to select, to choose, to take in marriage , to receive, to accept. I think you may understand where I’m going with this. But let’s continue.

Why would she say, “I have gotten a man of the Yah” what an interesting way to say you have gotten a son.
The reason is because, again, she had not seen a male or man for a long time, and the next time she saw a male besides her sons was when she linked back up with Adam and gave birth to a male child named Seth. This would lead one to believe that Cain was of the seed of Adam, however I beg to differ on that point. It has come to my understanding that Cain was indeed the son of Chawah, but not the son of Adam. I refer you to Gen 3:14 which indicates that Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, the adversary, the arch deceiver (which ever you prefer), was not a snake as literally written. The term serpent or וְהַנָּחָש rather speaks to his spiritual nature rather than his physical composition which the 14th verse bares out. For wisdom says, Satan was reduced to that of a serpent after he was cursed, which means that he was not a serpent before he was curse. It has come to my understanding, and stands to reason, that Satan had taken on the form of man when Yah cast him down to the earth. What better way to deceive the human family than to look just like them. Hence Eve was astonished to view him and when he spoke to her he made her believe that to eat of the fruit of the tree was ok. Sexual intercourse is what is meant by “Took of the fruit and did eat”

I know, this sounds crazy, but work with me on this ok?

What was the tree?. The tree was symbolic or metaphor for Satan who formally was an ark angel that was cast down to the earth for disobedience to his maker Isa 14:12. Who’s seed remains in this earth reeking havoc on the inhabitants thereof till this very day. (I refer to you my note entitled Hebrew Thought as to understand how our ancestors communicated and how the languae works)

Christianity has taught us, and the world, that Satan was a snake, but how could that be when his curse was to go on his belly and eat dust as a snake does!! This was placed on Satan as a curse, so the question is, what was he before he was cursed to be a serpent or snake. The answer proves that he was not a snake, and if this be true, then what was he?…..It has come to my understanding that he (Satan) was transformed from the spirit world and cast down to the physical world, namely Earth. Upon entering this physical atmosphere, he took on human form, seduced Eve and was intimate with her planting his seed in her divine womb. This is the foundation upon which the pagan religions of the world get the idea of a spirit being or God, impregnates a mortal woman, for example the God Zues for instance and they even did it with Almighty Yah in saying that he impregnated Mary. There are pagan in origin but find their root in our history and the history of man as a whole.

“Well spirit beings can’t cohabitate with mortal man” many may say, but how can this possibly be true, for all of us are spirit beings that has taken on human form. The very essence of our being is spirit while the body is the vehicle which helps us express. So this is not beyond reason to consider.We came also from the spirit realm and manifested into physical beings, so although this may be a new way to view this its by far is not far fetched by any means whatsoever.

What was the eating of the fruit?

Again, symbolism representing sexual intercourse….(Oh oh, here we go, this brother is crazy you might say). I urge you to read Gen 3:14-16. Take your time, and reason with yourself and the word and you might see what is there. (Refer to note on Hebrew Thought)

This chapter and verses show that the creator is cursing Satan to be that of a snake (serpent) but not only that, it reveals that Satan will have a seed in the earth as well for it states that Yah” will put enmity (hatred) between thy seed (speaking to Lucifer or Satan which ever you prefer) and the seed of the woman”….In other words, Yah will put hatred between the children of Lucifer and the children of Eve that she would give birth to through Adam. Those children were called Cain & Abel.

What is this seed they are talking about?
In this context, as with many other chapters where this term is mentioned, it refers to off spring, or in other words, children, but not always, because there is also a literal use of the word as well, however, such is not the case in this regard contextually. The Hebrew language is expressed through nature and things that relate to the human experience so that we can relate, evern our original writing from was expressive of nature. (Refer to Note on Hebrew Thought)

Then the question becomes: But why would children be mentioned in this context?
They are mentioned because they are about to come into being, and Yah is letting it be known to Lucifer and the woman, along with Adam the consequence of their actions….Lucifer understood full well being a former ark angel knowing both good and evil, hence he (Satan) was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then Yah told the woman that in pain and travail shall she bring forth children (in case you all thought that I was crazy) they make it clear right here who this phrase “Seed” refers to, namely her children.

Now the question is:Why did the Almighty curse the woman in her womb? (Lower Extremities)

The reason is, because that’s where the sin was committed, hence Yah cursed her in that area. Yes, the eating of the fruit was actually symbolism for sexual intercourse. Eating here mentioned, is symbolic of an action taking place, eating representing partaking of something, in this context and was not a literal eating but rather a metaphorical or euphemistic eating instead, literally partaking of something. (Ref: Understanding Hebrew Thought And Expression)

This is also when they realized that they were naked. Why then, why not before? Because after Lucifer introduced Eve (Chawa) to intimacy, and she introducing it to Adam, they were both now aware of their lower parts and immediately sought to cover it up. In other words, they had not indulged in that area formally, and when they did, they realized, or became aware of that region and its function.

Why all of a sudden were they aware of their nakedness, they had been that way from the very beginning, why now?
Because they just finished delving into that area and now understood what this area was all about and felt they had done something wrong. Why did they feel that way? I would say because they had just done something that they were not given instructions on how to or when to indulge in. “You might say, Yah said to bare fruit and multiply” however they had not be given the time in which to do so.
Am I saying that sex is a sin, not in the least, for it is sanctioned by the almighty to propagate life of the human family on the planet; however, I believe that the woman was in a state of newness, and had not fully completed her internal cycle of healing and purification. However Lucifer interrupted that flow (as is his nature) and impregnated her. Which leads me to believe this is why Yah allowed Cain (Lucifer’s Son) to kill Abel (Adam’s Son) because that would have been something holy coming through the blood, and Yah wants nothing holy coming through the blood hence the command not to touch a woman during that time, so it appears that Yah started all over with Seth Gen 4:25 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth For God, [said she], hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

Back to the original thought were I left off:
Lucifer was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He (Satan) was the only being with knowledge of both sides of reality (Good and Evil), and he impregnated Eve, after which Eve introduced the act to Adam. At this point Eve has two separate nations if you will, in her womb by two different fathers. This clearly explains why the book of Genesis states that two classes of people were in the earth during the days of Noah, one called the sons of Elohim rendered today as (God), but actually is a plural Hebrew word meaning “Powers, and the other referred to as the Daughters of Men (Daughters of Satan aka mankind, or a kind of man but not the original article but something like it). I know this to be true by referring you to the book of Genesis 6:2 where it states that the sons of Elohim saw that the daughters of men, that they were fair to look upon and they took them wives whomsoever they chose…If this is not true, my question would be

Who then are the sons of Elohim, and the daughters of men?
The understanding is that the sons of Elohim were the descendants from Adam (The Original Man) through Seth, and the daughters of Men were the daughters or descendants of Cain who was of Lucifer his father. Genesis mentions two classes of people, one called the “Sons of Elohim (God) and the other referred to as the Daughters of Men” This is but one reason Cain is not listed in the Genealogy of Adam. For one, Adam, never saw Cain or Abel, because he was out of the garden and never linked back up with Eve until after some 130 years later, and two, Cain was not from his (Adams) seed so he didn’t include him in his genealogy. I would like to add that neither is Abel mentioned for he never knew Abel. Gen 5:3 And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat [a son] in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: As you can see here, there is no mention of Cain or Abel in Adams history.

Side Note: Gen 5:2 Can confuse the unlearned in the way in reference to this statement “Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created” Called Their Name Adam? If one does not know the language in which the Holy Scriptures (Torah) was written in this will lead to confusion. However I will explain. The name Adam as we know it actually is derived from the Hebrew word Adama meaning Earth or Soil as man was created from this substance. Seeing that the Woman (in English) was created from man she was called Wo-Man. This is what is meant by the English writers attempt in this verse to explain their names. This is why you see it written that their names were Adam, when it its clear that the so called Eve was not name Adam at all. Her name was actually Khawah which means “THE BRINGER OF LIFE”
So don’t be confused by this statement, it’s a poor translation.

If this be true that Cains seed was the daughters of men in that day, was not Cain’s seed wiped out by the flood? In order to answer this question, one must look at the curse that Yah placed on Cain and his seed after him, as a sign for the sons of Elohim, (Powers of Yah) to distinguish him from his original creation. I refer you to the book of Gen 4:6 where Yah speaks to Cain and asks why has his countenance fallen and why was he so wroth (angry) Yah said to him that if he does well he too will be excepted, however if he does not well, sin is at his door and unto him is its desire. “Sin lies at your door and unto you is its desire”. What an indictment. It’s stating that he is a natural conductor for wickedness and evil, and that the force of evil desires him (Cain), and his decedents. He (Cain) was different in nature and spirit, but even he too would be excepted if he tried really hard and work at being good and fight the inclination to do evil. That’s a powerful indictment against Cain and says much.

In line with the fact that Cain was Lucifers son, it makes perfect sense for him to be the first to commit murder, not only he, but also his great grandson Lamech. So it stands to reason that Yah would have this conversation between himself and Cain. Why you might ask? Reason being, Cain, having the nature of his father had a different spirit about him, One that went against the natural order of things in nature, and with respect to the creator. First he didn’t bring his best before his maker, and secondly he had a spirit that was overwhelmed to do evil, nevertheless, he had the ability, and opportunity to do and be good, but if he didn’t’ work at it hard, then his nature inclination would be to do evil, for evil is a part of his nature (his natural state of mind) and it crouches at his door. This means that Cain and his descendants had, and has a nature that will naturally lead them to evil if they don’t work hard on their spirit and being good by recognizing their maker. You might say that applies to everyone, if you don’t do good, your naturally doing wrong. This is true; however Cain’s descendants are a bit different. We are Yah’s original creation endowed with a natural desire to praise, and worship. That’s why you will find numerous churches in the “Black “communities. This is why they, (so called Black People), are the most religious and spiritual of all the families of the earth, even in their state of continual ignorance. They have a natural spirituality which they brought to Christianity and every other false belief system they find themselves perverted by today. Nevertheless, it’s a part of our nature to be a spiritual people, and that we are. Not so for Cain’s children, their nature is quite the reverse. Their natural inclination is rebellion against Yah (The Creator), and against everything that is wholesome and good, such as nature, the water, the air, food and their very dealing with the human family just to name a few. It is the descendants of Cain that is ruling the earth today who are mentioned in the Torah as the daughters of men.

Gen 4:15…. In this chapter we see that Yah shows mercy even unto Cain. My thoughts would be that it was not his fault that he was the (Spawn/Offspring) or son of the wicked one. Yah let him know that he could do well if he desired, but this chapter also brings out another fact. Yah knew that it was not Cains fault as to who his father was. Its like a child that had a father that was not a very nice person and this child is born and has the traits of his father, its not his fault that he acts that way. If we can understand that on a finite level, watch how Yah does it on another level altogether. Observe how Yah dealt with Cain when he stated that his punishment was more than he could bare, and that he is being kicked out of the garden, and from Yah’s face he will be hid, not to mention the fact that he will be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth and everyone would try to kill him. Yah told him that if anyone slay Cain, that he would take out vengeance on them 7 fold, or 7 times whatever a person tried to do to them Yah will avenge him 7 times that. Why did Yah do that? I would say, because Yah is tender in loving kindness and mercy, and even gave the son of the evil one an opportunity to get it straight.And if he didn’t, he would be used for the day of destruction. However, as it turns out, they have not done so till this day, for all the evils that are being placed on the families of the earth at present, and throughout all history, are through these people, the descendants of Cain, Better Known as the European/Caucasians (White people).

One might say, “Why would Yah allow Evil to exist in the earth through these people? I would say consider Pro 16:4 YHWH hath made all [things] for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of destruction.

I refer you to the book of Gen 4:15 again because it is my understanding that the mark Yah put on Cain, (for the sons and daughters of Elohim to distinguish them by), was their pigmentation. The sons and daughters of Cain became white. I am convinced that the Melanin was extracted by Yah changing them into what we see and know today as so-called white people. So in affect, Cain’s children are still here today. I know that Moreh Elisha, the great teacher he is, has another idea about this, however through conscious research and knowledgfe of Hebrew and thought, I have to say that he is mistaken on this very subject matter. I implor you to compare notes and see what comes closest to the truth and makes sense to u. I leave that to you and Yah to work out as he as already enlightened me on this subject matter many years ago.

One might say, how is that possible when there was a flood, and their seed was wiped out? I would refer you to Gen 6:1-2. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.This is where the Sons of Elohim through Seth had multiplied on the face of the earth along with Cains descendants who had a head start on multiplying because Adam didn’t begin his family until well over 130 years later. Cains descendants bore the mark and many of the sons of Elohim took of the daughters of men (mankind/Not Original/Hybrid/mutation) It is my understanding that Japhet, (Noah’s Son) was one that took of the daughters of men.

You might say “How could Japhet produce this white people when he was clearly black being Noah’s son?
It is my understanding that he took was one who took of the daughters of men. I say this because when you observe his family line, it leads you straight to Europe. Observe the sons of Japhet: Gomer (Germanic peoples, from whom came most of the original peoples of Western Europe. These include the original French, Spanish, and Celtic settlers. (Magog, Tubal and Meshech (These settled in the far north of Europe and became the Russians) Madai From this son of Japheth came the ancient Medes and they populated what are now Iran and Iraq. Javan (the ancient Ionians currently known today as Greeks) etc. As one can see, Japhet produced the families of Europe which leads one to believe that he, one of the sons of Elohim took one of the daughters of men were it not so, how did these people baring the mark of Cain arrived on the scene after the flood had he not taken one of them and had children with her producing these mutations known as White people? Nor only that, when you trace Japhets line, you will see they are the ones that occupied the isle of the gentiles namely Europe and produced Eastern Europeans

This is another way to look at it, and whether one believes this or not, it does not affect ones righteousness in regards to serving Yah.This is merely another perspective on this subject matter.

It is written: “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get thee wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding”!!

May Yah add a blessing to his words and magnify them in us, his chosen people Yisrael.

Moreh Moshay Yisrael
New York


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