“by Malkahshalom BayhtAhayah “


Intensity.  The raw emotions, you can see them in my eyes,flowing, like streams of rivers.  Rotted.  Like an acholic’s livers.  Power.  Imaginary comfort that seems so real,once gone, you wonder how you’re supposed to feel. Respect.  A figment of your imagination.  You think its all around you,then, you find out that isn’t true.  Togetherness. Is separate from everythin,but, still in the midst.

Your whole existence is empty,meaningless,without a cause.  “Reality.” Doesn’t even exist.  You wonder what else could possibly be on life’s list. A wish. A hope that things turn out in your favor,but,realizing nothing is there. Bare. The foundation of your soul, the boundries you can’t reach. Learn. From things you can see. Can you relate situations to involvings of you and me? You can’t teach. Telling lies through subliminal visions. Trying to make unreal decisions,then,you ask YAH how you came to be in these positions. Your dispositions. Changing with time, as time changes you. Truth. None in the proximity you’re in,but, you feel that without a doubt you’re going to win. In the end, there is despair,and, heart muscle flares.  Just: relax,calm down,chill,meditate,dedicate yourself to self,and,that means many. FIN!


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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