On my recent sabatical, I encounter truth about me, from THE CREATOR himself. During my transiton phase, I finally opened my eyes. This poem consist of what YHWH answered to my question,and, the ending(the transiton) is how it affected me spiritually!!! At first, it was kinda hard for me to deal with,but, I asked him and he said this:

Realizations Realized:

You speak from your mouth and not your spirit. Within. The fire of self-deceit burns with in you.

Facinated. with the fantasy in your head,instead, of the truth in your core.

Love. No one can love you,that’s what you believe,but, it’s yourself,not me you decieve.

Mislead. Mischievious thoughts of wrong dance around you aura,as if, in a state of euphoric deceit,I deplete your self-worthlessness.

A shadow, Your former self comming back to haunt you. Taunting you, sha’ton dances his dance of satifaction,now, since he has broken you allah from whole to a fraction,

Your reaction tells it all,when put against a real struggle, you fall. The Call. you made from your core, was too loud for anyone to ignore…..

*The Transiton*

Wash upon a shore. Lost. Bound. Broken. like a speechless %#&@$!.

Redemption. A call from deep within, made my whole soul spin ’round.

Bound, Unbinded from pain. Evil and the peril it brings,(in YHWH’S name) slain.

I have broken the chains that bound my peace. I pray to bless my brothas and sistas.

Against the wind I fight a slight feeling of worthiness comes over me,and,





~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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