“by Malkahshalom BayhtAhayah “

Can I hear?

Can I see?

Can I feel?

Can I taste?

Can I touch?

Forgetting who we are,but, so close to where we need to be.

Can’t go too far,but, we commune with the universal energy.

Through the wilderness, Called from the Dead Sea.

Hear the sounds of despair,from THE MOST HIGH’S plea.

Choose LIFE,not,DEATH.

Choose SUNSHINE instead of DARKNESS.

Choose the SPIRIT,not the FLESH.

Overwhelming self, fulfilling destiny.  I hear ABBAH YAH say, “Why have you turned your ears from me?”

The fallen temples of mitzrayim,makes things appear to be not what they seem.  Strength in numbers, the strong fall of a nation.

Oneness in the ruach, division among dissatation.

A rythmic palpation, a rejuvenated vibration.

The sensation.  The coils of my locks brings new information.

The unseen, unremovable, the scarred, the feeble minded


The signs of the time,revealing themselves so clearly, as

I dock my ship on the shore of a rhyme.

ABBI Mangriwo, leaks of how babylon reaks,he says “we must maintain in this jungle of concrete.”

The mechanism of the sunken treasures, leads me to remember the way to all measures.

The passage swings open and close.

When I speak, people are filled with anger,madness,full of I don’t knows.

I have found in searching my mind, that its better to be asleep rather to be blind.

The overflow of gutters, now covering our eyes like shutters.

RELIEF in sight.

THE END of the fight, as my soul takes flight, as I resurface, land on my feet.

Through: snow,rain,and,sleet, YAH’S word providing strength I will prevail, that’s no longer a might.

These words I am about to say should no longer be taken as light as a feather,Listen, O Israel,



~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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