“by Malkahshalom BayhtAhayah “

A long awaited past, how long will it last?

Feelings of memories to compare and contrast.

Formely known as self, now known as you. .

Trying to figure out, trying to get a clue.

Babylon and its wasted ways, looking to the moon for:


Walking with no destination, making moves and turns with no hesitation.

It’s a winding road,and, narrow for tomorrow,forgetting about tangible things,trading the physical for wings.

Replacing memories with thoughts.

Changing dependences to faults.

As I pass the time in my mind, a moment of apiphany makes me rewind.

Taking on the ways of my fathers, makes me realize I need to look further into the main frame.

I feel no shame as my head turn toward things that don’t matter,not hearing the thoughtless chatter.

I look to the ruach,about my spiritual writers block.

The hyroglifics of YAH on my heart, no longer confused by Babylons empty marks.

Eliminating babylon’s woes, with YAH I am defeating all foes.

A story never told, bringing something new, nothing old.

Emmah of light, helps me to endure the fight.

The enlightenment she gives, helps AHAYAH’S name live.

The love she has flows and never ends.

She helps the colors come together.

She helps them have a balanced blend.

As I arrive at the point of no return,all evil begins to burn.


A new form of life.

A rebirth, from the earth.

The trees photosynthesize in the breeze.

The grass reforms after it has been slashed.

Me, I know that I have been selected.

That’s the reason I can see all things,



~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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