Still Waters

“By Malkahshalom BahtAhayah”

Still Waters:

Can it be mysteriously that we became to be? Far away from who we are,yet,so close we can touch it. Running rivers,floating flowers,finally found something of ours. My love never ending,my yearning now pending. Piercing eyes follow as we reach a full hollow.

Can my eyes be deterred from what I am supposed to see,as, the unknown feelings build up inside of me. Can’t turn away from my destiny, there’s nothing here to imitate as I turn around and develope my fate. All love, no hate, seemingly flowing from another location, can’t be denied my spiritual fornification. STILL WATERS. As I birh myself I find my blind mind,surfing on a whim of some kind. Can’t fight the feeling of insanity,as I try to cover up Babylon’s pain with vanity,inside I feel the force of my ruach indeed going:numb,hungry,and,needing to feed. I feel I need to redefine,as my soul bleeds. STILL WATERS. Interchangeable whirlwinds,mortified with: deceit,transgressions,loveless thoughts and sins. The phyisical of me,dewindeling to my spirituality. Overcoming,Overstanding,now,not too far away,fighting the urges each and everyday. At times:Noone knows,noone can tell,that,my heart is aching and it feels like my heart is in hell,so,I must return to where “THE MOST HIGH” dwells. STILLWATERS.


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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