“By Malkahshalom BahtAhayah”

The raindrops,they are the tears I cry.

The wind,it is my breath I cannot deny.

The thunder,it is the anger I keep inside.

The tornado,it is my pain I cannot hide.

The swamps,they are the results of my overwhelming sorrow.

I said I would leave him today,but,I decided to wait until tomorrow.

As the thunder cracks,the lightning flashes,into my face,his hand smashes.

Dark days,lonely nights. All the bruises from all the fights. Emotional and mental scars,they’ll never go away. I’m just afraid one time I won’t awake to see the light of day. So many times I’ve asked,”What did I do?” All he says is,”I hate you for being you!” I waited too late,and,I’m stuck in this hell,and,I don’t have a way out. If I make a move he’ll hit me and shout! The gray sky,it is my depression. The damaged earth,it is my opression. The smell of rain in the air,it is my feelings I so long to share. When I feel a sharp chill go up my spine,it’s a constant reminder that the sun in my life will never shine. All of my journey is dark and dreary,I can’t figure out how I make it through everyday. Now,I don’t know what to say. Stormy weather is all I know. With all the rain,percipatation,and,wet journies,still,no rivers,oceans,or waterfalls flow.

The raindrops,they are the tears I cry.


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 2, 2010.

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