Corruption Officer

“By Gary Heward”

I know that society will forever judge me for my actions. That’s why I felt compelled to write this book. Its not to justify my actions its just to answer questions. A lot of people friend and foe constantly ask me “What happened?” The book “Corruption Officer” Is about my experiences and mine alone. Its about a way of life as a Rikers Island corrections officer that got involved in the criminal elements in the jail that temps correction officers every day. As you see in the news on the monthly basis correction officers always seems to get caught up in the contraband underground market. This does not mean that every corrections officer indulges into the things that I mention in my book. There are a lot of good officers that do the job correctly day in and day out. How ever this book is for the officers who dont! The officer that as some one once called me ” the crook that slipped through the cracks” This book is for anyone that’s been to jail, that has a loved one in jail and for correction officers world wide that want to know how they are going to be treated if they ever go to jail and become that illiterate, diseased infested person that c.o.’s call “inmate”. To all the officers who found my actions disgusting and thought that it was an isolated incident. I challenge you to look to your right then to your left the next time your standing at roll call……


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