“By Abiyah Bhat Ysrayl”

The gardener planted many seeds
Only one was chosen
The one whom came particular
Was chosen diffrent way to grow

The sun rised on some
Even the rain quenched some thirst

There is a group of the choice seeds
That denied both

So their growth took a stumber
Their blooming became gloom

The other seeds did’nt just drink the water
They swallowed it became full

The sun didnt just rise amongst them
Its reflection danced on them

The seeds began to grow
The leaves where white as snow
Their beauty was light unto the others

The time came when the Gardner approached the garden
He noticed some grew
The others never bloomed

The ones that nevered bloomed
Where sorrunded by many weeds

The ones that bloomed
Their bodies began to grow

I forgot to tell you
Concrete is where they were planted

This is growth of Concrete Roses
That the Gardener only knew

A Concrete Rose


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 4, 2010.

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