“By Abiyah Bhat Ysryl”

I am a black woman
Beautiful in the depths of my soul
My mind has several layers of knowledge
That I shall make known
Each beat in my heart
Beats in great purity
My spirit is what keeps me high in authority of myself
My beauty of my heart has risen with the sun
My presence brings warmth
So when you see me realize
I’m a black woman
Let it be known

When I walk my hips sway with my rythm
My personality is what makes me so cold
So cold in my realness
Which makes the men groan
My chocolate beauty will be known
Yeah you hear me

My smooth curvey body has it own melody
My courage is what keeps me standing
My strength tells me I can do whatever
My happiness of myself is what keeps me living

I know I’m the big bang
That keeps the bullets moving
I’m stead fast
With my bad self
My pureness will hypmotize you

I’m not too big headed about myself
You better believe I will speak my mind

I have my boudaries
As well as my limits
My man will always be proud
I’m black woman
Dignity and pride is me

So let it be known I’m black woman
And proud to be me


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 4, 2010.

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