“By Abiyah Bhat Ysrayl”

I am Yahuah I give not my praise to graven image

I cradled you in my spirit
You are the fruit of my loins
The image of me
When you look in the mirror
Yahuah is my name

Out of all the spirits of man
I chose Ysrayl unto myself
You are the light of the nations
Example of what wise people are to be

Due to the faitfulness of my friend Abraham
I knew in before time he would be
This is the reason I chose Ysrayl a people unto myself

You are the only nation of people I know
That truely love me
I Yahuah have loved you

I Yahuah randsome you from the House Of Bondage
You alone have seen my wonders
You alone have seen my presence
Heard the thunder of my voice
Seen the glory of my Torah

I established my covenant with you
Through mouth of my servant Moshe
Remember the time at Mount Horeb
I alone Yahuah established you to be a preistly nation

You say we dont walk in the ways of Yahuah
Niether do we hearken unto his word
Even his torah

But you say Ysrayl
How have we not walk in the ways of Yahuah

Everyone of you went astray
Like a flock of sheep from his shepard
Chasing after the Baals
Each man for himself

You have forsaken my covenant
Thou shall not have other gods before me

So you went astray listening to Jezebel
Sacrificing your children through fire of Molech
Offering cakes unto to the Queen Of Heaven

You think not I shall not punish you
Ysrayl you no my laws, commands, and statues
The nations don’t
Therefore you have biggest sin

Iam Yahuah the SET APART ONE of Ysrayl
Iam your Redeemer and Salvation
There is no other Almighty One than me

Those who lift up wood
Create likness thereof mighty one
Bow and pray to it
Have no knowledge thereof

Iam salvation there is no other name
Man can call on and be save

Iam Yahuah there is no other


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 4, 2010.

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