This is my Reality…

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“By QoshetishYah”

From the,
depths of my soul,
Where, deception takes control,
Creating a slave to a throne,
Manifesting FEAR of the unknown.
Misdirecting my energy,
Dancing between realities,
and now I,
Can only perceive,
The thoughts that I Believe,
Life will help discover,
What reality has uncovered,
The thoughts I’ve embraced as with many, many others,
Are designed to weaken oneself,
limiting ones wealth,
placing a hold on oneself,
Partaking of the mind,
and affecting ones health.
The truth which is concealed,
will in time be revealed,
distinguishing the fake, from the real.
“The Illusion”
This is my REALITY, as well as my conclusion…


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 4, 2010.

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