Life for me hasn’t been no perfect dream
I’ve been through every twist and turn
I thought I took the road to equality
All it did was lead to a road were lions are
I can walk over their valleys
Their mountains get higher and higher
Even though Is’s been struggling and striving
My life has it’s ups and downs
I know it’s not gonna be perfect

Baby I can’t seem to keep up with my spirit anymore
Youngin I feels as if they tied me up to a wall in a cellar
Letting dogs bark at me like I was their meat
That they chew on then swallow

There is no consideration
Against discriminaion with them folks
Theys taken away equality and liberty
From me and thrown it away

Children I’ve been ripped of my dignity
It’s a shame honey
It’s been thrown to shreds

No I’m not gonna let them keep me down
Is keeping trying honey
They say this the land of the free
But not for me

Just remember babies
There will be a day
We will dwell in our own land
But till that day comes just remember

Life for me hasn’t been a perfect dream


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 6, 2010.

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