Untitled Spoken Word “By TashaqYah Yasharael”

Lord as I bow down and bless your name I give u praise for not keeping me the same in this game called life.

Life where there is much strife and pain.

Life where doing the right thing can become a strain

Life where we must fight just to stay sane.

Simply because satan is on top of his game and seeking to destroy all that call on your name.

Over the years I have grown to know you and have desired to show you that no matter how hard satan comes I will never allow him to overthrow you…in my heart.

There was a time when I was weak to his call and many times that I did fall but as I continued to eat your word his voice in my ear became small and I began to grow tall… in my faith.

Im still not where I desire to be but with your word I can really see the difference in me.

Im not the scared lil girl I used to be and never again will I be the one who seek to please those who really mean nothing to me.

See, Ive learned that satan will use those close to me to fight against me and unless they can stand on your word with me then its best for me to let bygones just be.

Im finally at a point in my life where I can stand strong and openly praise you with song….where I can boldly call on your name and not show shame.

This place im in is one of peace and its all because I choose to release all that which was not of you.

True …this walk aint been no easy stroll and to get to the ultimate goal i have to put on your armour as a whole.

I have to suit up and get ready for war because the enemy is right on the shore ready to attack..

But satan fall back…because my God is a mighty God and you can never win…and as one of his soldiers…ill fight till the end!!!!!

So bring what you got and lets go…just remember the one who I used to be…I’m her no more.

Im now a soldier for the Lord, ready to go toe to toe!!


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 9, 2010.

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