Untitled “By TashaqYah Yasharael”

People died for me, cried for me, fought to survive for me so that I can walk the way I walk and talk the way I talk.

They sat for me, marched for me, stood still for me with their fist raised above their heads so I could sit where I wanted to sit and live where I wanted to live.

People sang for me, screamed for me and whispered silently for me so I could eat where I wanted to eat and drink where I wanted to drink.

They were crammed on a boat for me, made into slaves for me and they worked for their master diligently for me, all so I could see.

See my potential, my worth, my purpose. Now, it’s up to me.

A path was paved for me to walk about freely, now I, I have to live up to my responsibility. And no, my responsibility is not just to be.

It is not to learn the latest dances and find the most men. It is not to act unruly in the streets or live a life that will send me to the pen. It is not to sit on welfare and collect pennies for handouts.


My responsibility is to achieve all that I can achieve in my lifetime. It is to get back up when I fall down with the words of an unknown artist rolling off my lips, Can’t Keep Me Down! You Can’t Keep Me Down!

It is to work towards world peace but also knowing that I must have peace within my self first. My responsibility is to mentor those younger than me, teach them what I know, and realize that like those before me I too will have struggles and through them I will go.

I will cry, yell, fight, scream, whisper, sing, sit, stand, march and of course work diligently to continue to be free.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I will continue to dream.
Like Coretta Scott King, I will work towards making my dreams a reality until I draw my last breath.
I will stand firmly for what I know is right and what I believe…or like Rosa Parks, I will just sit.
Like Malcolm X, I will be responsible for my responsibilities…By Any Means Necessary.

All while singing the words by an unknown artist…Can’t Keep Me Down! You Can’t Keep Me Down!


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 9, 2010.

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