WITHIN THESE TWO BREAST “by Abiyah Bhat Ysrayl”

My breast are the nuture of the world

From my womb nations came

Earth rejoiced

The creator chose me to Be Adam’s rib

From him we all were created in his image

So likeness

My breast are symbols of outspoken voices

My spirit hovers within the earth

My resting place is within my Creator

The fallopian tubes that lie within meRepresents the speed of human life

From my womb I shared my love

In the likeness of  motherhood

The Creator made me distributor of mankind

Iam mothers Of mothers Queens over queens

I am put on a peddle stool

The creator chose me To birth lives

He grafted Within his hands A phenomenon is what I am

Who’s glow is brighter than all women

Human nature is my crown

With my knowledge I counted water particles

My children part the seas

I am the fruit of his trees

The choice flower within his garden

My children were predestined to be

From the foundation of the world

Yes they were chosen

My breast are the symbols of nuture

Of outspoken voices

From my fallopian tubes are speed of life

From my womb human life was birthed

I was ordered to be The Mother

A mother to the world

This is me Within these two breast


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 22, 2010.

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