Disynz “by QoshetishYAH”


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For more information, please send email to azurielyah_ysrayl@hotmail.com. Todah Rabbah and may the most High bless you in all your endeavors!


~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Disynz “by QoshetishYAH””

  1. The skirt with the jeans…OMG!…I need that in my life. That is so unique and fabolous!

    • Its casual. You can throw on a nice lil t-shirt with it, with some sandals or comfortable shoes and go. I am recycling most of my jeans now and those that belong to the yeledim as well. No need of wasting what you can recreate. Thanks for stopping by. Im glad you enjoyed the photos!

  2. Lovely ahkoti. On the real, are you taking orders? So beautiful!!

    • Absolutely Achoti and Todah all. I get more pleasure out of recycling than I get out of creating completely from scratch! I’m cognizant of what I decide to throw out now. If you have any old jeans, please by all means let me know! We can make arrangements to have them sent to me and I will gladly recycle them for you. Todah Yah!

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