My Strong Black Man “by Tiffany Mcdaniel”

From the shortest strand of hair on his head,

 to the very tiniest crease in his feet

My black man is strong and complete.

 The lusciousness in his lips and the strength in his hips

My black man is ever bit of unique,

 The seriousness in his eyes,

 and even the tears when he cries.

My black man is a man of emotions And when he speaks,

 everyone stops to listen.

 because what he says is “real”

My black man is a man you can “feel”..chuckle,

His shoulders are strong(mmmh),

they can carry a lot of weight(biting my lower lip)

 And when i need him My black man does not hesitate.

He speaks with knowledge and with confidence,

 My black man is intelligent.

 He is a man of promptness and cares,

 about time But the best thing about my black man

 my black man is mine.

Like a lion that stands over his pride,

And has dominion over his land.

he is fearfully and wonderfully made Strong

my Beautiful Black Man

he never gives in to anger he doesn’t hold his head down

Exhibiting his strength and his pride knowing, he wears the crown

 Because he are still a King amongst Kings…In my world,

 he is high in demand.

My Strong  Black Man!



My black man is mine.  



~ by tellitlikeitizsista on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “My Strong Black Man “by Tiffany Mcdaniel””

  1. Nice, I agree

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