A Plee to Yahowah “By QoshetisYah Bhat Yisrael”

Burach Atah Yahowah, Melech Ha Olam!

May Ye hearken this day, unto thy servants’ plea.

Yahowah, The Elohim of Abraham,

The Elohim of Yitshaq,

The Elohim of Ya’acob.

The Creator of all things, great and small.

May we bless His Eternal Existence and glorify Yotzer Ha’Adam forever! HaluYah!

We give thanks to You, this day, King of Yisrael for all things great under the heavens. We thank Thee Yahowah, for the provisions you have given to us in the land of captivity. We thank Thee for health and the safety of our loved ones. I beseech Thee, O’Yah, to pardon the iniquity of my people and that you forgive the sins of our forefathers and if you have found favor in any of thy servants, I ask that you show us your ways so that we may not walk contrary to Thee all the days of our lives.

I pray Thee Yah, that you build a fortress of protection encompassing myself and my loved ones. Please continue to guard us in safety and deliver us from the bonds of wickedness.  Proctect us from our enemies and our adversaries, that no harm shall befall upon us.  I pray Thee, Yahowah that You bless our food and water and remove all forms of sickness from the midst of us. I ask Thee to pour out upon us, with your Mercy and Grace, a multitude of burackah and shalom. Guide us O’ Yah, into all righteousness by giving us eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to know truth. Cleanse us O’Yah of all impurities and purify our hearts. I pray Thee, the Giver of Life, to hallow us with strength to abide by your laws, decrees and statutes, strength to make righteous judgments according to Your Will. Teach us O’Yah, and give us strength to submit completely to Thy Greatness.

I ask Thee on this day that you guard our ways, give us patience to deal with difficulties and keep our lips from perverseness. Allow us to speak only the words that You would speak.

I pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding of that which is needed to abide righteously in the land of captivity.

Blessed be all that is Qadosh! Blessed be thy Name, Yahowah!

The Elohim of Abraham,

The Elohim of Yitshaq ,

The Elohim of Ya’acob forever and ever!




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